10 Life Hacks You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Duct Tape

There are so many things that you can do with duct tape, but the Youtuber “CrazyRussianHacker” shows us 10 of his favorite life hacks to use duct tape for.
Duct tape is amazing for fixing things in minutes. To keep your air conditioner insulated, this magical like tape comes in handy.
There are lots of other duct tape uses and trust me, there are still many you have not discovered.

Video Source: CrazyRussianHacker Youtube

Fortunately, the guy on this video helps us to figure out some incredible duct tape life hacks. After some really out of the box thinking, he came up with these super cool hacks that you can do using duct tape. Look at the way he completely gets fine dust off the floor onto a scooper. So innovative. The duct tape drink holder is also a very out of the box idea, that I am sure you have never seen before. You might have known some of these life hacks, but I am sure there are a few that are new to you.
Duct tape happens to be the most useful product ever discovered. Which life hack can’t you wait to try?

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