3 Annoying Social Media Habits You May Be Committing

If there is somewhere the term ‘liberty’ captures its true meaning then it is in social media. You can say or do all that you wish here and still face no consequences (unless you are committing a serious crime). It is no wonder you can attack the POTUS and still be within your constitutional freedoms.

However, some of us have taken this a bit liberty too far. Here are some of the most annoying social media habits that you should leave behind;

Copy pasting

In social media, originality seems to lose its meaning by the day. People are copying quotes and phrases from all over and sharing them as their original ideas. It is so annoying to read the same thing a million times with everyone claiming to be the true source. Creativity is being crucified here as copy and paste take the front seat.

Too many posts

For those who take a break from social media only to come back later, the temptation to over post a strong force. You have a post every second and you expect your friends to follow. If anything you are pissing them off. Do not be surprised if some ‘unfriend’ you for ‘making so much noise’ online.

Literally begging for ‘shares’, ‘likes’, and ‘retweets’

“Please like this or share this with your friends” is a phrase that does some rounds on Twitter and Facebook. If you did not know, this is a very annoying habit. If your friends find your post worth sharing or retweeting, they will do it voluntarily. It is time you stop being an online ‘beggar’ because you really are getting into some peoples’ nerves.

As much as you are enjoying your social media rights and liberty, it is also important you let others enjoy the same. Stop getting under their skins with these habits. It is a new year and you should be a better friend, right?

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