7 Hilarious Stories Of Roommates Being, Well Roommates…

We have all had roommates, especially in the college years. Drama-less living situations are few and far between because of the peculiarities of individuals. Most living arrangements with strangers are difficult… but some are more difficult than others. Some people just don’t understand the word “compromise”. Here are a few stories:

Ummm… Yeah

I once had a roomate tell me to “Turn off the heat, it’s getting warm and we are wasting electricity”. Temperature was 55 degrees in the house.


I had a roommate refused to clean the bathroom. After a huge argument he said that it just stayed clean naturally and you didn’t need to clean it. He mistook my cleaning the toilet every week for nature!

Dinner for One, Please!

I just graduated college and moved into my first real house with one roommate. I am a male and she is an attractive female. I asked if she wanted to grab a bite to eat so we could get to know each other a bit (specifically said it’s NOT a date). She agreed with the stipulation that I pay for the transportation, the food, the drinks and that my meal can not exceed the value of hers. That night I ate alone.

Be miserable by yourself

Me and my wife decided to rent a room for extra cash. After a few weeks the single gentleman that occupied the room asked if we could stop hugging so much. He said we was lonely and it made him jealous. Next time move in with single people!


My roommate asked me if I could keep all of my cosmetics in my room and not in the shared bathroom. She explained that she kept hers in a pattern on the counter and that the presence of mine threw off her chi.

I’ll just hold it

“Stop going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I can’t sleep with all the noise” Seriously, I’ll just put it all in a bucket and leave in front of your door.

It’s only fair!

I had just had surgery for an injured back and was in therapy and recovering. My roommates made a cleaning rotation schedule for the house. Two days after I returned from the hospital I missed my rotation for scrubbing the toilet. They complained and told me I needed to do it right then while I’m practically passed out from painkillers and can barely get out of bed.

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