7 Ways Sure To Make Your Dog Love You

When you’re a dog owner, your deepest desire is likely to be loved unconditionally by your dog. Your loyal, well-behaved canine companion is regularly observed as a kid; a pet who will follow you wherever you go and will protect you should do something bad occur.

However, people often mislead themselves, thinking that regardless of what their dog will love them. Remember that spoiling your dog does not necessarily make them love you. You need to give your dog structure and discipline. You want to show him/her who is the boss. That’s you!

Once you’ve gotten control over your dog, you need to apply these seven ways to make your dog love you. With these seven ways to make your dog love you tips, you’ll be able to strengthen the bond and love between you both.

What You Need To Know: Is the Ways To Make Your Dog Love You

Give Them Discipline

The first of the seven ways to make your dog love you is to give them some discipline. You certainly don’t want to feed your dog table scraps, as this can confuse them about which one of you are in charge. You also don’t want to give them your food since it can cause them become sick. Sure, a treat is fine now and then especially if you want them to love you even more.

Play With Your Canine Friend

Okay, you probably already know that your dog hates the fact that you’re gone all day. Thus, you’ll need to come home and give him/her some attention. Sure, you’re tired after work, but it’s a necessary and worthwhile “evil” to play with your dog even if you’re dead tired. Take about an hour’s worth of your time to throw around their favorite toy or ball.Trust it or not, bring while staring at the TV is alright as well.

Go On Rides Together

The third of the seven ways to make your dog love you is to take them on car rides. Now, you should make sure to have dominance of your canine first. When you do this, they’ll feel even more special. It doesn’t matter if the ride is long or short; take them whenever you can.

Get On Your Dog’s Level

When you want your dog to love you, one of the best ways to do so is to get down on their level and talk with them. Give them attention while you lay down the net to them. If you don’t allow him/her on the couch and you never get done on the floor with him/her, he/she is going to feel totally left out. When you join your pup, you can further strengthen the bond. It shows the dog that you do care about him/her.

Go On Walks Together

 The fifth of seven ways to make your dog love you is to give them exercise…so take your pup on a walk around your neighborhood or to the local dog park. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing more sniffing than walking, they’re just glad to be with you and out of the house. Be sure you give them some attention as you walk them.

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Health

You may not realize it, but your dog does like it when you bathe and groom him/her. Some dogs cannot stand water and soap, but he/she does like to be clean. Your dog realizes that you will keep him/her that way.

Remember when your dog is healthy and happy, the happiness they feel will be directed right at you. If your dog is anything but happy it could be that you’re not giving them enough exercise. You have the power to fix that.

Always Be Positive With Your Dog

For the final of seven approaches to make your dog love you, you have to display positive emotions and feelings toward your dog dependably. Sure… you can tell your dog “I love you” all you want but if you’re mean to him/her then you don’t mean it.

Make sure to spend time with your dog when you’re not feeling annoyed because guarantee your dog will pick up on your attitude and feelings.

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