9 Amazing Facts That Your Friends Should Know About, #9 Will Amaze You

We read a lot of stuff on the internet and sometimes we come across something that just blows our minds away and we immediately want to share it. Here are 10 amazing facts you will want to share with your friends.

1. Hong Kong has the highest number of Rolls Royce cars per capita. The British once colonized the country and most of the British businessmen owned a Rolls Royce because it was considered as the ultimate status symbol.

2. Albert Einstein played the violin. In fact, his plan was that if he did not become a successful physicist, he would have become a musician.

3. Mark Cuban, the most popular billionaire, businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1999 because he made the biggest single online transaction. He bought a Gulfstream V private jet for $40 million.

4. The only planet on our solar system that is not named after a god is the earth. The earth name is derived from the German word, “erde” which means ground.

5. Thomas Alva Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb, was actually afraid of the dark.

6. Former President Bill Clinton and Elvis “the king” Presley liked one type of sandwich; the peanut butter and banana sandwich.

7. Got wide hips? Well, researchers claim that women with wider hips give birth to kids who are very intelligent. So Einstein’s mum must have had some huge ones, right?

8. Your tongue prints are like your fingerprints; they are both unique to tongue prints are very diverse.

9. Your eyes can get sunburns too! You may not immediately recognize sunburns on your eyes as you would on your skin because getting sunburn in your eyes takes a while. Since you can’t apply sunscreen on your eyes, wearing sunglasses that protect against UV rays will certainly help.

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