Born Blind This Dog Isn’t Letting Anything Stop Him From Having Fun

The internet is full of stories of people and even animals that constantly warm our hearts and inspire us.

This golden retriever, Ray Charles, took the Internet by storm with his adorable photos and winning personality. Ray Charles was born blind just like his namesake, but like his namesake he’s not letting anything stop him from living life to the fullest. He is best friend with the dog at home, plays well with the other dogs at his daycare, cheers for the Bruins with the rest of the family, and has even become a social media star.
Image Source: Facebook Ray-Charles The Golden Retriever

Ray’s owners made a Facebook page for the motivational Golden Retriever and he became an instant success, even achieving the pinnacle of a social media stars career when Buzzfeed covered him! People can’t get enough of the photos of this adorable pup as he delights the Internet with his cuteness and refusal to let anything get him down! He’s even become a meme, usually just to show his support for the Bruins. The family that adopted Ray clearly loves him and it’s a testament to the power of the love between a family and man’s best friend.
Image Source: Facebook Ray-Charles The Golden Retriever

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