Fun Jokes To Share With Your Friends!

A good laugh will arguably increase your lifespan. And what would be a better way to laugh than a pack of hilarious jokes? Here are short funny jokes (be warned for they may break one or two of your ribs);

The fastest mode of communication

If you ever want to spread some information really fast (faster than anything you already know) here is a channel for you:

Tell a girl some rumor and make sure you get a promise from her to keep that as a secret.


A troubled dad embracing his problems

My mum is a great woman. She consoles dad for he seems unable to keep his eyes dry. Being fed up with my ever teary dad, I once told him, “Please dad, embrace your problems”. Surprisingly, he called me and my younger brother and hugged both of us.

The ‘perfect’ answer for always coming late for work

There is this guy who always can’t avoid coming late for work. One day his supervisor sees him coming late and walks up to him for some explanation.

Supervisor: Sam, why do you always come late?

Sam: I accept I do often come late but I make it up by leaving early.

(The supervisor leaves). It seems he did not hear the answer beyond “make it up”.

The answer you give to a friend who nags you with endless questions

Eliot: David seems to spend a lot of time looking at papers once he photocopies them. What do you think he’s doing?

Maggie: crosschecking them with the originals for any spelling mistakes.

LOL! You might have now added a year or two to your life. Do not be mean, share the fun with your friends and let them laugh.

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