Funny Facts You Most Likely Were Not Aware Of

So many of us think that we know so much about life and the world we live in, right? I would not be so sure if I were you. Now that one is being funny; after all this post is all about funny facts. Let’s cut the chase; did you know about these funny facts?

Boiling an ostrich egg? Here is how long it will take

It will take you 4 hours to boil an ostrich egg. Embrace yourself for a long wait if you want to take the delicacy.


In Japan and China, they have a weird taste for gifts

In Japan and China it is a common sight for guests to show up at your door carrying watermelons as gifts for your big achievement. Elsewhere, that would be utter disrespect for the receiver of such a ‘lowly’ gift.

Where is banana oil made from?

Of course from banana (even the last kid in class knows the answer). If that is your answer, you are terribly wrong. Banana oil is made from petroleum.

It is not a mean feat coming up with a new car design

For every new car design you see around, draftsmen do 27,000 drawings for it manufacturing.

The late Michael Jackson has a stake in the state of South Carolina

The rights to the anthem of South Carolina belong to the late Michael Jackson.

Thought you knew so much about life, things and peoples’ facts? Apparently that is not the case. These funny facts just reminded you the little you know about life and everything that comes with it. Cheer up, this was meant to be a funny post!

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