Hilarious Dubbing Over Of Penguins Crossing Puddle

The thoughts that come to your mind when we think about penguins is that of water, ice and snow. These three examples describe the environments that we are likely to associate penguins with. However, sometimes these funny looking birds may just become so choosy about staying dry. Just like the way people feel sometimes.
Watch these two penguins act silly as they become stubborn about keeping their feet dry despite them living most of their lives in wet surroundings. It turns hilarious how these birds try to solve their problem.

Video Source: Chris Cohen Youtube

These birds have to cross to the other dry ground and the way they do it is comical since they try so hard to keep dry. They do not want their bodies to turn wet, not even their webbed feet.

You would expect birds to imitate each other but each of these two penguins devises its own crossing. Look at the funny jump the second penguin to cross makes. It turns hilarious as it demonstrates a celebrating like behavior.

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