Man From Pennsylvania Wins Free Pizza For A Year, What He Does Next Is Amazing

After being selected randomly by a computer, Josh Katrick demonstrated an astonishing act of kindness by donating his prize of unlimited pizza and drinks to his local food bank.

What makes this story even more amazing is that Josh had been recently diagnosed with cancer, and he received this award shortly after he was released from the Northampton hospital. The support and love he received during his time in the hospital left such a profound impact on him that he decided to give the prize away to someone else. After some thinking, he concluded that gifting the prize to his local food bank would be the best option. This means that his generous gift will be enjoyed by every person in need of

This video reports on the story and shows us how this amazing act of kindness happened.

Source: AtonTV Youtube

This heart-touching story reminds us to practice kindness, because you never know when it might come full circle.

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