Meet the Little Girl Who Can Land Some Incredible Trick Shots

Performing a trick shot is considerably hard. If it were merely easy, it wouldn’t fall under the category of tricks after all. Sinking a trick shot requires intense concentration as well as accuracy. Throwing objects in a haphazard manner cannot bring any success.

Source: Youtube

That is exactly why this talented 6-year-old girl’s doing is definitely breathtaking. Meet Riley Dashwood the game changer. On our hands is a WNBA star. Watch out, everyone. Give her space.
The little one who lives in Melbourne, Australia can land some incredible shots with various objects. Look at how she unbelievably tosses a slice of bread into the toaster.
Watching her complete these insane trick shots is such an overwhelming experience. She perfectly nails it, doing what most of us even at our age cannot.
Riley is not waiting for the boys to catch up in this. She is influencing the trick shot game, changing it. The rate at which Riley is going will make college scouts seek her out before she hits ten.

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