She Had A Taste Test Challenge for Her Spouse But it Turned Out to be a Sweet Surprise

Kristen had a clever way of telling her spouse that they were expecting they were expecting their first baby. Her husband’s reaction is so emotional. You can see tears of joy around his eyes.
Kristen talked her husband into playing a taste test challenge. She blindfolds him and provides him with different types of food. Her husband goes over the first two making guesses and comments too. However, the challenge which had a total of four different types of food ends at the third.

Source: Youtube LiveEachDay

At number three Kristen’s spouse makes comments before saying what he is eating. He talks about lots of memories brought by the food.
It does not take long before her husband realizes there is something else besides the taste test challenge. This video really pulls at your heartstrings however hard that might be. Kristen and her spouse certainly promise to be great parents. They even created their baby a fun little Twitter page. Look out for their other fascinating adventures.

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