There has been a shocking story of how a 47-year-old woman had to be admitted to Milton Keynes hospital. The woman was admitted to the intensive care unit after she took too much water accompanied by herbal medicines and remedies which were to keep her healthy. The more shocking bit of it was that she had been treated by Doctors a while back and was recuperating from her ailment. The story has developed by doctors advising people not to rush into any radical detox escapades especially during the new year. The woman recovered after treatment at the hospital following her admission in intensive care. It is usually the norm that while people celebrate Christmas they usually have fun and consume all manner of edibles. As it draws to the new year there is usually a shocking rise in the number of people following detox plans to try and rid themselves of this excess foods and toxins they had consumed during the holidays. This process has not been proven to be beneficial in any way to the human body due to it rapidness and expectance of instant results. There has be no medical science to back this concept that this rapid detox will actually help the patient in achieving their desired results.

The example of this old lady goes to show that individuals should not drastically rush into any detox remedies without first consulting their doctor or nutritionist. They should also take it easy while they are detoxing to ensure that they do not run down their bodies to the point where they might collapse.

Detoxing is shockingly a very good way of ensuring you can keep your body healthy and in check. If followed accordingly it can yield great results. It has been advised however that any individual who partakes in any detox remedy that uses natural products might shockingly be surprised to find that they have negative side effects. The human body naturally has its own mechanism of detoxifying itself through organs such as the gut, skin, kidney and liver. The need for more input such as taking natural remedies is good but not highly recommend for heavy use. It has been shockingly discovered that most people do not know this that is why they opt to subdue themselves to these detox strategies available. Drinking of water is highly advised since it ensures an individual is properly hydrated which is a key requirement for detoxing. However, it has been stated shockingly that the intake of too much water is the same as not taking enough water. In essence this means that when an individual drinks too much water they are at the same risk of any adverse effects that are associated with an individual who does not drink enough water. This makes then dehydrated and is a huge risk leading to danger while an individual is also supplementing themselves to other natural detox products when they are not hydrated. Detoxing should be done carefully and all the side effects to be understood by the user before they embark on it to avoid any negative shocking results.

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