This 5-Year-Old Reenactment of His Favorite Movie Scene is Breathtaking

Think of a favorite movie scene you probably memorized. You remember everything that happens clearly. The tiniest inflection in the voice of the character, their every motion and action is known to you by heart. Your favorite scene at this point is deep-rooted in your mind.

Source: Youtube SuperKids

A 5-year old does more than imagining imitating a movie scene. Talk about taking it to an entirely different level. It is clear he is captivated by his favorite scene. His love for the scene is beyond bounds. It drives him to perform the movie scene. Watch how cute and hilarious his amazing performance is. He expertly handles the nunchaku.
Suppose you should meet this kid with a nunchaku, do not mess with him. He is likely to do some damage. He has learned from the best. Looking at the way he acts the nunchaku scene by Bruce Lee, he has the potential of making a martial arts master. You never know.

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