This Magical Transformation Of This Stuffed Animal Will Leave You In Tears

OK, the deal with Santa Clause may be tough to explain to kids nowadays, but that does not mean you can never ever believe in Christmas magic. Christmas may be over, but I just can’t resist sobbing over this video of a 12- year old girl. Parents of this adorable kid filmed the moment that could potentially be the best day of her life.

Well, who doesn’t love surprises? Certainly, not this girl. Turns out that the biggest surprise of her life came when her most precious stuffed puppy came to life on Christmas day.

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It started when her parents asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Holding one of her favorite stuffed animals “Luna”, she replied that she had always wanted a dog. Then, the magic started. She was asked to keep her eyes shut, as the mother handed her gift – yes, a puppy that looks exactly like Luna – same puffy face, same red bow, and the same size. Who wouldn’t want to have a pup just like that?

It appeared as though the stuffed toy had transformed into a living, breathing puppy that ultimately left the girl — and her parents in tears. This two-minute video will certainly make you wish it’s Christmas all over again.

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