Top 5 Most Annoying Things People Do on Social Media

Social media can be so much fun. I mean, it actually gives you an awesome and easy way of communicating with your buddies; both the ones you recognize and those you’ve never even met! Unfortunately, some folks just take things to the extreme and simply make you turn “red” with rage, because of their dumb actions. Below are the top 5 disgusting stuff people do on social media:

Revealing every detail of their life: Some guys just get you so annoyed with dumb status updates. I mean stuffs like “riding a bike to class now” or “about to take a shower” or “going to McDonalds for lunch.” For real? No one cares! Just save everyone the headache and keep these stuffs to your self

Making their life’s story about their partner: Some guys just don’t seem to have a life of their own; it’s always the girl! I mean updates like “my girl at the salon” or “at lunch with my girl.” Seriously? You need to get a life man!

Endless invitation to dumb games: Don’t you just get annoyed when you get endless invitations to play some dumb game on Facebook? I’m like – Who plays these games? Just do me a favour and keep that stuff to yourself.

The food updates: For some “foodies,” they just can’t seem to resist the urge to tell the world what they eat, every time they eat. Some even go as far as uploading the picture, every single time they eat! Come on! No one cares that you had “big-belly-burger” for lunch or steak for dinner, keep it to yourself!

Showing pictures of your new underwear: Have you met guys who just pose and take pictures in just their new boxers and they’re like; “rocking my new Gucci.” Seriously? Who cares? Have some decency man!

Social media may be a really great platform to get a lot of stuff done with ease, but if you want a peaceful life, you may need to block or unfollow some folks, who make it their life’s mission to annoy you endlessly.

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