Woman Gets Injured by Flying Fish During Epic Storm

There’s something fishy going on and we literally mean it. In 2016, a weather reporter thought she would brave it out for her viewers and give a live report outside while Storm Gertrude was passing through Barry Island beach.

Video Source: Craig & Aimee Youtube

The weather reporter, who is actually a video blogger named Aimee, was talking directly to the camera in the town of Barry located in Wales, when all of a sudden she was hit right smack in the face with a fish!

She managed to say, “I’m here at Barry Island beach and there’s no signs of …” before the fish slapped her in the middle of her face.

Image Source: News.com.au

Although many people have questioned how real the video is.

One viewer wrote, “Close look at the fish video of the reporter, you can clearly see it’s been cleaned and gutted.”

The flying fish video was posted by “Kinging-It” duo Aimee and Craig on their YouTube channel.

The video has reached viral video status. Even Aimee was quoted as saying to the Wales Online that, “It’s gone crazy.” “With Storm Gertrude trending on social media, it’s been quite popular and people have loved it.”

Over 2 million people have seen the video on Facebook since it was first posted.

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